The course is part of the course that will be 15 weeks long in the 6th Semester (the second Semester for the third-year students) with two parts of the content :

Part I :

Introduce to the concepts related to the structure of Organization, Enterprise, Business processes, Enterprise management information systems, Enterprise resources planning systems.

Part II :

Introduce to the fundamental business processes of SAP ERP System such as Accounting (FI/CO), Fulfilment (Sales and Distribution), Procurement, Material management, Production planning.

Throughout these two parts, the student will practice on the real simulated SAP ERP System provided from SAP UAP (University Alliances Program).

t the end of this course, the student should be able to :

-          Understand the fundamental knowledge, principles, and processes of an enterprise information system, as well as of an enterprise resources planning system.

-          Describe how an IT-based information system can be configured and customized to suit the specific commercial enterprise or production enterprise.

-          Analyse and evaluate how a business process can be managed using an IT-based information system.

-          Analyze, list, describe and compare the advantages and disadvantages of the current management information system of an enterprise.

-          Apply for the jobs related to: Business consultant, Technical Consultant, Business Analyst or Customer training for an ERP deployment project.